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Although I know I’ve self-evaluated myself in my evaluation already I have took it upon myself to write a post allowing you to quickly scan my self-evaluation.
Overall the period of time we had last year to complete this coursework, there were a number of things I would say I did well and a few that may have cost me a few marks here and there. I think that the things I did well in would be the software that we were expected to use, as I took the time out to practice and ensure my knowledge of the software was upto scratch before starting any proper work. Although this did take time at first as well as me not producing anything worthy of the course, I was able to learn quickly the basics and also enabled myself to new things within my ICT skills. For the things I think I would consider changing would be spending less time on the preliminary as I seemed to take more time with the fact that I had so many ideas to produce in designs. Next time I would select a few and maybe write the others down saving time but still allowing people view all of my ideas. Another I woul perhaps change would have to be my time management at the beginning of the course and towards the end, as time begin to start the tasks I didn’t make a timetable straight away which I later regretted as it would have been useful to know where I was up too. I later decided to make one with a help from a friend also having had the timetable my tasks seemed to be more organisated and allowed me more time as I knew what had to be done first as it was towards the first deadline. Unfortunately towards the end as I panic to finish the coursework I let split the timetable but at least I was able to double check I’d included everything that was expected from me.
Overall I believe I have presented good ideas and shown a lot of ICT skills that I’m capable of using from day-to-day activity to projects like this one. From this I will take away the new software – Photoshop and also the knowledge that I’m very capable of completing tasks quickly but to a high standard if I put my mind to it and hel to achieve the best grade possible for my AS Media Studies Coursework.


To Conclude.

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Is morning I’ve woke up especially early to scan in those four flat plans which I was unable to do at 3am is morning. Thankfully the machine was working and I have been able to scan the work and add it to my blog, my blog is officially completed to the best of my ability as I believe as a deadicated student I have worked well in what I aimed to achieve and in what I’ve actually been able to achieve from the few days that I’ve spent on this coursework over the past week. I believe that my mark will reflect upon the work and effort I’ve put into this piece of coursework allowing me to show my skills and creativity of what I can produce whether working byself or working in groups of two’s or three’s.
Finally, I think I was a good team member to both teams that I worked within, as I stood my ground when needed to get my points and opinions noticed but was firm when it came to the overall decision of the group, allowing Jessica to show her opinion to what she wanted and I the same, helping is to make a formal decision based on what worked well and what would sell the magazine.
I believe this coursework was a challenge although at first I did, I believe that it helped to extend my knowledge in both softwares and websites, as well as the skills I’ve been able to pick up by completing simple tasks to create full up and running success.

Quick Update On Tonight

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Around 11pm I discovered something that I hadn’t added to my blog hoping that it isn’t to late I decided to take the chance and do the work any as it could change my mark to a higher one. Since then I’ve been completing the work that I missed out stupidly but easily done. It has all been uploaded now except for Four flat plans which I have drawn but as it is 3:24am in the morning I’m unable to scan them now, so they will be up and running on my blog tomorrow before 12noon. I’m planning on doing them as soon as I can as I’m not 100% sure when the marks are in for. Thankfully this will be done and the coursework for AS complete!

Nearly All Done.

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I started my work on the 3rd January at around 11am to get an early start on trying to finish my AS Level media blog with Monday spare to complete my A Level media blog. Although it is technically the 4th January as it is 12:33am I have completed everything a part from two little things, they are:
– The timetable as the scanned timetable didn’t go right so tomorrow (today – 4th Janaury) I am going to rescan it and see if it works this time round, if not I’m just going to copy it out again and then put it on the blog that way.
– Linking everything, I haven’t linked all the pages yet as I was planning on doing that as the final bit because it won’t take that long to do.

Apart from them two things I have completed my AS Level media blog within (including tomorrow/today – 4th January) just under 3 days which is surprising as I didn’t actually believe I would get it done.
I’m proud of myself as I thought I’d left it too late having been concertrating on my A Level media blog too much, but I’ve finished it nearly and I’m very happy too.

If I’ve learned one thing it is to start the work sooner rather than later, because although I have completed the work, I feel like I’ve rushed it and I wouldn’t have minded going through all the work and changing parts of the front cover, contents page, double page spread and also the preliminary task as I don’t believe it is at the highest standard it could be. Unfortunately I’ve not been able to do this because I’ve left it so late however having completed it in 3 days isn’t so bad and I’m happy knowing at least I can, fingers crossed, stick to the mark I currently have.


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Since starting this today I believe I have completed alot of the work so far. Has I’ve been using WordPress for a while now it hasn’t been a problem for me to knowing where everything is and how everything works so this shouldn’t take as long to complete as it is a straight forward site to use.
So far I have completed the following;
– All the scanning of my work
– Uploading it to my pen drive
– Creating a new googlemail
– Creating a new blog
– Setting up the blog (changing the theme/settings)
– Added all the pages that are needed
– Started the preliminary task process – written up everything just need to add the images
– Added a few posts to the blog
Although I have plenty more to be getting on with, I have made a big dent in what needs to be completed for when we go back on the 5th January. Tomorrow (which is technically today seen as it is 01:48) (3rd January) I am going to add all the images that I have scanned and also change anything that needs changing. I am hoping for this to be completed by the end of the day allowing me to then concertrate upon the A Level media coursework for the final few days before going back to college – allowing me to get as much as I can done before we head back to college and the revision starts.
This shouldn’t be to hard as I’ve already completed at least half of the work but I will continue to update the post until I’ve uploaded everything to the blog and the coursework of AS is completed.


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As this is my AS media blog, you will be able to find it alot like my A level media blog in terms of layout – as I’ve decided to keep everything consist throughout making it easy to notice which is my blog not just through the name but also through the style I’ve used and the wording of my work.

Most of my work was lost when my Pen Drive crashed, so unfortunately I’ve had none of my original images or work, thankfully I had my coursework file which ment that everything had to be scanned. This means that pretty much all of my work is pictures from being scanned unless I retype my work. So of the work will be written and for the evaluation that will definitely be retyped, but most of the other work is mainly flat plans and drafts, so it would be hard for me to add these in any other way than how they are now, – which is a shame.

Sorry for any inconvenience it may or may not cause, I just believe that it would be useful for you to know.

Characteristics Of A Magazine

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Once deciding on a magazine we had to discuss the necessary characteristics that we need to think about when designing a magazine for the correct audience and genre.
The first thing we decided to investigate was the different genres’ already in the market today and the types of magazines that are already presented to the general public.
We looked at a number of different magazines from;
– Kerrang!
– Q
And many more.
The genre was then decided through the thought of what the market today is missing and how we could hopefully fill the gap in the market that has been created. We considered the pros and cons of different genres, making a defined decision to use Pop as our genre for the up coming magazine.
Now that we had our genre sorted the next decision was the target audience which the magazine would be aimed towards. After looking at the target audiences of other magazines and what they present in their magazines we decided that it would be targeted at Teenagers aged 13 – 17, mainly to the Pop fans, but including a slight mixture. The genre type allows the magazine to attract the audience and convey a message without the words being chosen to present and the images being used throughout the magazine. This keeps them interested and wanting to know more, as the story in the magazine unfolds and the images tell the story too.
The magazine has to consist of; A Front Cover, A Contents Page and A Double Page Spread, allowing us to present a good amount of work to show off our skills and also allow us to see how the creative of a magazine works.