Characteristics Of A Magazine

Once deciding on a magazine we had to discuss the necessary characteristics that we need to think about when designing a magazine for the correct audience and genre.
The first thing we decided to investigate was the different genres’ already in the market today and the types of magazines that are already presented to the general public.
We looked at a number of different magazines from;
– Kerrang!
– Q
And many more.
The genre was then decided through the thought of what the market today is missing and how we could hopefully fill the gap in the market that has been created. We considered the pros and cons of different genres, making a defined decision to use Pop as our genre for the up coming magazine.
Now that we had our genre sorted the next decision was the target audience which the magazine would be aimed towards. After looking at the target audiences of other magazines and what they present in their magazines we decided that it would be targeted at Teenagers aged 13 – 17, mainly to the Pop fans, but including a slight mixture. The genre type allows the magazine to attract the audience and convey a message without the words being chosen to present and the images being used throughout the magazine. This keeps them interested and wanting to know more, as the story in the magazine unfolds and the images tell the story too.
The magazine has to consist of; A Front Cover, A Contents Page and A Double Page Spread, allowing us to present a good amount of work to show off our skills and also allow us to see how the creative of a magazine works.


~ by amandadavidson1as on January 3, 2010.

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