Since starting this today I believe I have completed alot of the work so far. Has I’ve been using WordPress for a while now it hasn’t been a problem for me to knowing where everything is and how everything works so this shouldn’t take as long to complete as it is a straight forward site to use.
So far I have completed the following;
– All the scanning of my work
– Uploading it to my pen drive
– Creating a new googlemail
– Creating a new blog
– Setting up the blog (changing the theme/settings)
– Added all the pages that are needed
– Started the preliminary task process – written up everything just need to add the images
– Added a few posts to the blog
Although I have plenty more to be getting on with, I have made a big dent in what needs to be completed for when we go back on the 5th January. Tomorrow (which is technically today seen as it is 01:48) (3rd January) I am going to add all the images that I have scanned and also change anything that needs changing. I am hoping for this to be completed by the end of the day allowing me to then concertrate upon the A Level media coursework for the final few days before going back to college – allowing me to get as much as I can done before we head back to college and the revision starts.
This shouldn’t be to hard as I’ve already completed at least half of the work but I will continue to update the post until I’ve uploaded everything to the blog and the coursework of AS is completed.


~ by amandadavidson1as on January 3, 2010.

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