Nearly All Done.

I started my work on the 3rd January at around 11am to get an early start on trying to finish my AS Level media blog with Monday spare to complete my A Level media blog. Although it is technically the 4th January as it is 12:33am I have completed everything a part from two little things, they are:
– The timetable as the scanned timetable didn’t go right so tomorrow (today – 4th Janaury) I am going to rescan it and see if it works this time round, if not I’m just going to copy it out again and then put it on the blog that way.
– Linking everything, I haven’t linked all the pages yet as I was planning on doing that as the final bit because it won’t take that long to do.

Apart from them two things I have completed my AS Level media blog within (including tomorrow/today – 4th January) just under 3 days which is surprising as I didn’t actually believe I would get it done.
I’m proud of myself as I thought I’d left it too late having been concertrating on my A Level media blog too much, but I’ve finished it nearly and I’m very happy too.

If I’ve learned one thing it is to start the work sooner rather than later, because although I have completed the work, I feel like I’ve rushed it and I wouldn’t have minded going through all the work and changing parts of the front cover, contents page, double page spread and also the preliminary task as I don’t believe it is at the highest standard it could be. Unfortunately I’ve not been able to do this because I’ve left it so late however having completed it in 3 days isn’t so bad and I’m happy knowing at least I can, fingers crossed, stick to the mark I currently have.


~ by amandadavidson1as on January 4, 2010.

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