Although I know I’ve self-evaluated myself in my evaluation already I have took it upon myself to write a post allowing you to quickly scan my self-evaluation.
Overall the period of time we had last year to complete this coursework, there were a number of things I would say I did well and a few that may have cost me a few marks here and there. I think that the things I did well in would be the software that we were expected to use, as I took the time out to practice and ensure my knowledge of the software was upto scratch before starting any proper work. Although this did take time at first as well as me not producing anything worthy of the course, I was able to learn quickly the basics and also enabled myself to new things within my ICT skills. For the things I think I would consider changing would be spending less time on the preliminary as I seemed to take more time with the fact that I had so many ideas to produce in designs. Next time I would select a few and maybe write the others down saving time but still allowing people view all of my ideas. Another I woul perhaps change would have to be my time management at the beginning of the course and towards the end, as time begin to start the tasks I didn’t make a timetable straight away which I later regretted as it would have been useful to know where I was up too. I later decided to make one with a help from a friend also having had the timetable my tasks seemed to be more organisated and allowed me more time as I knew what had to be done first as it was towards the first deadline. Unfortunately towards the end as I panic to finish the coursework I let split the timetable but at least I was able to double check I’d included everything that was expected from me.
Overall I believe I have presented good ideas and shown a lot of ICT skills that I’m capable of using from day-to-day activity to projects like this one. From this I will take away the new software – Photoshop and also the knowledge that I’m very capable of completing tasks quickly but to a high standard if I put my mind to it and hel to achieve the best grade possible for my AS Media Studies Coursework.


~ by amandadavidson1as on January 7, 2010.

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