To Conclude.

Is morning I’ve woke up especially early to scan in those four flat plans which I was unable to do at 3am is morning. Thankfully the machine was working and I have been able to scan the work and add it to my blog, my blog is officially completed to the best of my ability as I believe as a deadicated student I have worked well in what I aimed to achieve and in what I’ve actually been able to achieve from the few days that I’ve spent on this coursework over the past week. I believe that my mark will reflect upon the work and effort I’ve put into this piece of coursework allowing me to show my skills and creativity of what I can produce whether working byself or working in groups of two’s or three’s.
Finally, I think I was a good team member to both teams that I worked within, as I stood my ground when needed to get my points and opinions noticed but was firm when it came to the overall decision of the group, allowing Jessica to show her opinion to what she wanted and I the same, helping is to make a formal decision based on what worked well and what would sell the magazine.
I believe this coursework was a challenge although at first I did, I believe that it helped to extend my knowledge in both softwares and websites, as well as the skills I’ve been able to pick up by completing simple tasks to create full up and running success.


~ by amandadavidson1as on January 7, 2010.

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