Questionnaire Results

After we’d given out the questionnaires we then gathered them back at the end of our media lesson as it was easier to get most of the questionnaires completed when we had the actual media lesson, however we did ask others outside of the lesson to get a general idea of what everyone thinks and not just the people in our lesson.

When we’d got all the questionnaires back I took them home and created all the graphs using Mircosoft Excel, this was so that we didn’t have to spend anymore time on the questionnaires within lesson time and we could get on with the other appendix’s. As we’d asked a number of questions it took a long time to create all of the graphs but as a deadicated student I stuck it out and created seven pages full of graphs, one for each question including a discription beside each one.

Questionnaire Results


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  1. Amanda you have clearly considered your potential audience here. Well done.

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