The questionnaire that Jessica and I made was to identify what people thought and to help us to gather enough information to enable us to create the magazine with ease. The questionnaire consists of 3 pages although it was a long questionnaire, and usually questionnaires range from a few questions to about a page full of questions we did go a bit over the top. However us doing this allowed us to gather alot more information and allowed us to see what the public really thought and what they prefered in terms of music and magazine types.

Below is the questionnaire that we created for the public to answer.

Questionnaire (3 Pages)

As you can see the questions that we asked gave us the information that we needed as they were all quite relevant to the magazine which we wanted to create for the market.

Questionnaires completed (3 people)

1st Person

2nd Person

3rd Person

There are the three questionnaires that were randomly picked out, unfortunately we were unable to get a male to answer the questions, although Jessica and I did hand a couple to the lads they didn’t complete them and we had to get other females to complete them instead.

I apologise for the unfairness in sex as the three I’ve presented are all females.


One Response to “Questionnaire”

  1. Good ou have considered weaknesses in your work here Amanda, it is good that you are able to objectively look at your own work.

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