Casting List

When making the magazine we had to use someone to photograph to use within the magazine this is where the casting list came in to the equation. For our casting list we used people from our college, people in our media lesson allowing us to get more people for the casting and then we decided which people we thought would suit the genre of pop and also look good in the magazine that we are planning to create.

Overall we photographed eight people to get a wide range of different characters and images, this was then allowing us to see which would best suit the magazine we were wanting to portray. We only took female photos as our genre was pop it would probably appeal towards the teenage girls more than the boys which we thought would be best including the female characters within the magazine than male.

Below is the casting list and also discription of which people we chose, why we chose them and why we didn’t choose the other candidates for the magazine.

Casting List


One Response to “Casting List”

  1. Good evidence of orgnisation of people here Amanda.

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