Font Ideas

After looking at Kerrang!, NME (New Musical Express) and also Q magazine we were able to see how they presented there writing and in what style fonts. Kerrang! was styled in a large black font, making it bold made it easy for us to read and also standing out from the page. Also they made it appeal cracked as Kerrang! illustrates the noise made from smashing an electric guitar. As this is the title of the magazine it is easy to tell this as it is bold and eye catching, making “Kerrang! Life Is Loud”, an onomatopoeic helps to create and illustrate the actual genre of rock/punk.

As for NME (New Musical Express) this was styled in bold red capitals surrounded by a black background and outline of white. This allows us to see the title from the busyness of the background, appealing a box around the title has created a difference between the too showing that this is the title of the magazine. Underneath NME we can see in white the words “New Musical Express” this allows us to see what the actual name is as it has been shortened to NME for the selling point and factor.

Finally for Q magazine this is quite basic as it is only one letter it needs to be extra big and making the reader see it with ease. The Q is presented in white with a red background, again it has also been boxed off telling us that this is the title of the magazine. Although this is quite basic it is effective in the sense of standing out against the background of the red and also being positioned next to the band “Coldplay” it needs to be able to stand out and be seen which is exactly what it does do.

From this we need to ensure that our title does the same and has the same effective upon the reader as we need to appeal to the reader and make them interested in the magazine straight away.

The Font Idea For Magazine


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  1. Good this again shows that you are making good working progress

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