Jessica and I had decided upon using Sarah as the main coverstar as we thought she had the best look and also made the correct appeal to the reader that we wanted to portray.

Knowing this we had to create an interview of what we wanted to ask Sarah and include within the double page spread of the magazine. The questions that we came up with were from two sources, our own heads of what we thought would be interesting to know and also from other magazine interviews which we’d researched.

This interview allowed us to get enough information needed to create a double page spread on Sarah, allowing us to show off the new singer and also her work that she has been doing since she started her new career.


Unfortunately I don’t have the answers to the interview as we did this last minute but if you look on my double page spread under the header “Final Magazine Product” you can see the double page spread and see the interview there.

Apologises for any inconvenience this may have caused to you.


One Response to “Interview”

  1. This again shows a good level of organisational skill. Well done.

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