New Magazine Title

The current title that we had was “Unique Bliss” the reason I decided to change the title of my magazine was because it didn’t seem to flow with my magazine that I’d created and seemed to long for a magazine of the genre pop.

I went through a number of differen titles that I thought could work well with my magazine, below is a list of a few of them:
– Melody
– Insync
– Popcycle

After deciding on “PopCycle” I believe it gives the audience a better interest and continues to more of a teenage style magazine than the title Unique Bliss. Also pop being a cycle and also popcycle (as in the drink) allowed the magazine to interact with the teenagers situations and world/mind.

This became a good hit with the public so I believe I made the correct choice is renaming the magazine to – PopCycle.

New Magazine Title

Apologises for the word “Melody” on the four line at the end, this should say “PopCycle”.

Unfortunately I am unable to change this as I’ve had to scan all of my work as pictures as I don’t have any copies of my Year 12 AS media coursework. This is because of my pen drive crashing and wiping all of my work including Year 12 and Year 13. This is why everything has been scanned in and I apologise for the mistake that has been included into my work.


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