Drafts of Front Cover

For the Front Cover I created nine drafts through using photoshop software, the reason I did nine drafts was the fact that I could then show my ideas off for how I was imagining the front cover of the magazine. Also it allowed me to practice my skills on the software that we had been expected to use and learn how to use – Photoshop.

Drafts of Front Cover (9 Pages)

The first three front covers are of Charlotte, the reason why I chose Charlotte was one because she’d been the only one we’d been able to take photos of and also to see how she would appear to look on the front cover of my magazine.

Draft 1

As you can see above the first cover I made was rather basic and bland as I was getting to grips with the software: Photoshop, over the whole course of the drafts I tried a number of ways in which to present the photographs that had been taken.

Draft 2

Again another cover of Charlotte this shows that my skills are getting better as this cover appears to be more detailed and also the title “Unique Bliss” has been put into the background, where as the first cover it was clear to see the title was the title as it had its own background behind the writing.

Draft 3

This is the final cover of Charlotte after looking at these covers of Charlotte I decided that she would be better as an exclusive person than the coverstar.

Now the following drafts are of Sarah, she has the look that we were looking for and also the Pop style that is needed for the magazine.

Draft 4

This is the first front cover of which I have used Sarah on, as you can see she appeals more to the particular genre that I’m trying to portray for my magazine. Sarah has a good look in this photo as you can see, in terms of my skills of the software Photoshop I’ve made improvements and I’ve now gained the understanding of the software.

Draft 5

This is the second cover of Sarah, again I’ve used a similar background colour but have changed the photo to see how another side of Sarah can create the look that is needed for my magazine. I do like this photo of Sarah as you can see the mirror image behind her creating a better affect to the magazine and making the reader see more of the image.

Draft 6

This is the third photo of Sarah, again another image to see how this portrays on the magazine and also I’ve gone for a different colour background to match her dress, this creating a complimentary of the magazine to the photo that has been used. As this looks good I’m not particularly sure if this coverstar image is the correct one to use.

Draft 7

As for this image of Sarah, it is a really good coverstar image and portray’s Sarah very well as well as showing her passion for being a regular person on the inside as she smiles her way to the top. As for the background I’m not that keen on it as the colours seem to be to busy and they don’t really go well in the order and style that I’ve made them in.

Draft 8

In terms of this background it is great as it reflects the flag that Sarah is holding and also compliments the flags colours of Blue, White and Red. I’ve kept the image because I believe this is the best image and it also works well as the front cover. Only thing that needs to be added is an issue number.

Draft 9

Everything is the same in this cover except the issue number has been added, the magazine front cover has now been completed.


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