Final Magazine Product

Below is my Final Magazine Product, after designing many different flat plans and drafts for the Front Cover, the Contents Page and the Double Page Spread I finally decided upon a final product. From the reviews I’ve got back from the public I believe overall it is a successful product.

Front Cover

*Free CD*

CD Cover

CD Itself

Contents Page

Double Page Spread

Left-Hand Side

Right-Hand Side

This is my finished product of a magazine including; Front Cover, Contents Page and Double Page Spread plus a Free CD.


One Response to “Final Magazine Product”

  1. Overall this piece is just into level 3 Amanda you show that you have proficient creative and technical skills

    There is evidence of proficent skills:

    framing a shot, including and excluding elements as appropriate;

    using a variety of shot distances as appropriate;

    shooting material appropriate to the task set;

    selecting mise-en-scène including colour, figure, lighting, objects and setting;

    manipulating photographs as appropriate to the context for presentation, including cropping and resizing;

    accurately using language and register;

    appropriately integrating illustration and text;

    showing understanding of conventions of layout and page design;

    showing awareness of the need for variety in fonts and text size;

    using ICT appropriately for the task set.

    Final overal production mark 38 / 60

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