Magazine Article

When we were given our main task for the AS Coursework, we were also handed a sub task that went with it, this was to create an article for the school newsletter of St. Mary’s Catholic High School. The final article will be shown in the newsletter itself, allowing our parents, teachers and feeder schools read the information and articles that we had created.

For this sub task we were able to work within groups, as Jessica and I were already working together we decided it would be best to work in the sub task together allowing us easy access to each other and also as we were completing the main task together we were able to trust each other. Our other member of the group for the sub task was Sarah, again being trustworthy and a friend we decided we could become a three person team and present something exciting and functional in the newsletter itself.

In order to create the article we all came up with a few ideas, Sarah designed three drafts, Jessica designed a draft and I designed two drafts too. This allowed us to see what we could all come up with and enabled us all to show what we could come up with in the process of the software we had to use – Photoshop.

Each draft that was produced became changed in different ways allowing you to see how much we had changed in the capability of producing something for a newsletter. As you will be able to see from Sarah’s work as well as my own, we were able to work at a successful, professional level and delivered a top piece of work.

Amanda’s Drafts
Jessica’s Draft
Sarah’s Drafts

Our final magazine article was designed by Sarah but Jessica and I did let her know what we wanted to be put into the final product of the article. The reason why we didn’t interact with the making was because Sarah said she would do the designing of the final product, we did however ensure that Jessica and I were happy with what Sarah had produced and did change little bits of the final product to all of our satisfaction making sure it was the best it could be.

Final Magazine Article


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