Amanda’s Drafts

Below are the two flat plans and drafts that I constucted for the newsletter article. As we can my first draft is rather basic but as I’ve had practice on the software – Photoshop it is pretty good for a beginner.

Flat Plan 1

Draft 1

As you can see my skills are already rather good, this is due to being a deadicated student and practicing through my own time at home, this has allowed me to produce great work at the start allowing me to test my skills further than others as I’ve already mastered the basics.

In my next draft I’m going to add another image to follow the ‘rule of three’, as the eye likes things in three and also move the quotations and our team names to a more suitable place, as they are currently all cluttered together and aren’t easily seen.

Flat Plan 2

Draft 2

Here I’ve followed the rule of three, presenting three images on my article, I have moved them next to each other so that they are seen together in three as the eye does like things to be in threes. Also as you can see I’ve added a banner to separate the title from the images and information that has been included as well as having a banner underneath our teams names to make them stand out more and attract the eye for our recognition.

Although I really do like this design I’ve decided to change a few things, the main thing that has changed is the quotes, I’ve decided to separate them from each other to allow space and also make it even on both the left and right side of the paper. I’ve also added an extra touch to the article to symbolises St. Mary’s.

Flat Plan 3 (Draft 2 – Changed)

Draft 3 (Draft 2 – Changed)

It is quite clear the things that I’ve changed and also added to this article I do prefer this one as it is more deadicated to the school of St. Mary’s having the logo properly printed onto the paper.


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