Final Magazine Article

This is the final, completed article for the preliminary sub task. As you can see it is a dramatic change from all of our first drafts. . We have included three images, which follows the ‘rule of three,’ also kept the written article within columns so there isn’t too must written bunched together, also this is the typical setout for an article, as the article is for the schools newspaper we have maintained with the schools colours, that of navy blue and yellow.
The title is bold and in navy blue to stand out over the yellow border and white background to make it visible to the audience. The ‘A’ at the start of the article is in a larger font to stand out, from my research a lot of popular articles start with the first letter larger, standing out. Also there are two sentences which stand out, almost like a cliffhanger sentence so the audience notices it, reads and wants to know more, finally, a yellow band have been put at the bottom across the by line to tie in all the colours.

Final Flat Plan

Final Draft


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