Sarah’s Drafts

Below are the three flat plans and drafts that Sarah constucted for the newsletter article. As we can see her first draft is basic as she was getting used to the programme and getting to grips with how it worked.

Flat Plan 1

Draft 1

In the next draft she would add a banner to separate the article and title to make it stand out and more noticeable to the audience. Also she is going to add another image to follow the ‘rule of three’, as the eye likes things in three. Finally, she would keep the article together in a column and make the bar line smaller.

The second draft, she has follwed the rule of three, by having three images displayed, also has split the written article and the images by a border and added colour to make it stand out and more attractive.

Flat Plan 2

Draft 2

For the next draft that Sarah made she has split the article into several columns so it isn’t over welming to the audience and it won’t look like there is too much information for them to process. The pictures are too big and aren’t pixelised properly, therefore, it doesn’t look very professional. She has decided to change the colour of the title also to make it stand out and more visible, also adding another colour, preferably navy blue to maintain with the St. Mary’s School colours.

Draft three has been expanded on the design even more, as Sarah has added header, like a convention of a magazine so the title stands out, which is in yellow. She has also added blue which together is St. Mary’s School colours.

Flat Plan 3

Draft 3

However she wants to change the title to navy blue and border to yellow, also make the border smaller. Sarah has split the written article into columns to make it look more presentable and more like an article. The yellow circle in the middle stands out to the audience, making them want to read on, however, she also wants to remove the yellow circle to make it look more presentable.


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