Preliminary Task

As we are expected to create a preliminary task upon the report that we chose upon we had to create a newspaper/magazine towards the school. To complete this we were each given a project type situation of which we had to research it and then create a set of question of which we wanted answering by the person that we were put with.

For Jessica and my case we had to create a report upon a “Snake Man” this person dealt with varies animals and brought them to the school on enrichment day. For enrichment day we were given the day off but as a media student we had to come in and research upon the “Snake Man” and the reason why he chose the job that he is in.

Once our information had been gathered we were to create a newspaper article showing our information that we gathered and talking about the day of enrichment. Also images had to be included into this article allowing other pupils to see what animals were available for us to see and also any information that would be relevant towards the reader themselves.

As Jessica and I had decided to work together in a group we had to complete the research and the task of speaking to the “Snake Man” together, creating the report, however we were instucted to make individual articles allowing us to show our own work and as this was how the task had to be completed. Other than this the work that we did was of both our own ideas and help put together allowing us to work as a team and ensure that we get the best ideas yet.

For the preliminary task I made a number of ideas of what I believe would work well, we had to use photoshop software and create an article ourselves. I have made four ideas, the fourth being the final idea for my preliminary task of the “Snake Man”.

Newspaper Article


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