Newspaper Article

As the preliminary task was a one part creation I only had to make a newspaper article upon the information that Jessica and I had gained through speaking and watching the “Snake Man” in action. The making of the article had to be completed on a particular software called “Photoshop” this was rather hard to understand at first which you will see from the reflection of my first piece of work on the preliminary task.

However after a while it was relatively easy to grasp and I finally understood how the software worked, as a deadicated student I practiced the software more and more in both the lessons that we had in the computer room as well as using my own time in dinners and also in my leisure time which consisted of having a mess about on the software; Photoshop at home.

Here are the flat plans and drafts of the four preliminary ideas that I can up with in the short space of time that we had to complete the preliminary task before starting the main project of the coursework.

Flat Plan 1

Photoshop Draft 1

Flat Plan 2

Photoshop Draft 2

Flat Plan 3

Photoshop Draft 3

Flat Plan 4

Photoshop Draft 4

This being the fourth idea, this is the final idea and also my finished preliminary task.


One Response to “Newspaper Article”

  1. This evidences that the prliminary task was compleated and that you have considered how this piece helped you to develop your skills in order to help with your final piece. You will be awarded 15 marks within the overall construction mark for this work being compleated.

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