Part 1 : Interpreting the Brief and Carrying out Research

Part 1 : Interpreting the Brief and Carrying out Research

For my coursework I chose print as I thought it would be a challenge to see what magazines were already out there in the public eye and what the gap is in the current market. The main aspect of the brief is to design a public music magazine from an age range of 13 to 19 years old, and also deciding whether it is a unisex magazine or for one particular sex.

The style of the magazine is music; however I didn’t choose this style myself; as the style of the magazine has already been decided for the whole media class.

The first thing I decided to do was to decide what age group will be directed to my music magazine; therefore I chose to present it for 13 to 17 years. The reason for my decision is because more magazines in the currect market are presented or produced for the much older age group therefore leaving young teenagers out of the music market.

The research that I am undergoing at the moment is a series of questionnaires; the reason for doing this is so that I can discover what types of music/artists’s people prefer, what price they will pay and why they actually purchase the magazine, eg. The cover star. Then I can find out how often they buy it and other information necessary to my investigation. Overall this gave me an idea of the competition that is already in the current market and what they are producing.

This will help me when producing my own design as I will be able to discover what I’m up against giving me an advantage of the current market and the gaps, allowing me to produce something totally different from the other magazines.

The conventions that will need to be applied are: to figure out what layout will suit best, according to which magazine publishers’ more. The layout is important as it attracts people to the magazine; the fron being seen first makes this the vocal point of a magazine. Overall I believe the main key to a magazine is how you present it.

After consulting the BRAD directory I discovered that it stand for British Research and Data Organisation, they consult iin advertisements for magazines; once I had discovered this I went and had a look in a Kerrang! magazine to discover what advertisements were present in a music magazine.

The BRAD directory helped to establish the correct target audience I am concentrating on, allowing me to focus on the type of adverts the age range will be interested in.

Every week or month music magazines are published; however most being directed at certain age groups. However, not all bands/artists are featured inside, preventing young teenagers the worldwide range of celebrities. In Kerrang! and NME magazines the audience is put across as being rock leaving the gap of pop and R&B out of sight, this prevents people to experience other artists and bands of different genres.

Introducing the other styles of music to the public eye would increase sales and give the business of music a better reputation and production. Therefore my music magazine will be presented to the pop industry, which will give pop music the chance to show the public what they have to offer and what they can present and produce to the publi eye. (For more information look at Part 1 : In More Detail).


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