Part 2 : In More Detail

Part 2 : In More Detail

The main aspect of the magazine that grabs the attention of the reader is the front cover as it is the first thing that is seen when it is shown on the shelf of a shop stand. The equipment list will be made up from make-up, clothes to contribute to the photoshoots, all this allwos me time to sort out anything that may go wrong or may fail to show up. Also what grabs the attention of the reader is also important as it helps to find out why they would purchase the magazine. The heading tells the reader the name of the magazine, hopefully making it become well known and popular, while the headlines give the reader an idea of what the magazine contains inside its cover.

The titles that I had chosen to see whether the public would like them or not were; La Promessa, Disfunctional, Destiny, Perfection, Distasteful and UB (Unique Bliss). Overall I found out that there were three titles that interested people, they were; Disfunctional, Destiny and UB (Unique Bliss) therefore I would choose one of these.

I chose Unique Bliss as the title of my magazine because I believe that it will appeal to the public more being a world wide magazine with a name which is for everyone. The name isn’t aimed at a particular style of music it is for everyone, therefore giving it a better change of being successful. The reason for choosing this particular name is because this is a new magazint that will be unqiue as it will be filling in the gap of the music business for pop and dance as they don’t have a magazine in store. Therefore this will be a new magazine, totally different from every other magazine and be 100% unique.

The photos I have in mind to take are, one stood in front of a background posing and being like the other celebrities on magazines, and the other in front of a background but this time holding props to create an atmosphere. The other photos will be of two other girls becoming advertisements or other celebrities in bands/artists. The reason I have chosen to use three girls is because they are reliable and trustworthy and also will be great to use in a new magazine. I will take a number of photos of each person so I will be able to see which angles and positions look better.

The photoshoot will occur during the day, adding to the light setting and theme and giving it a warm feeling too. The bright theme running through the magazine will make the cover star stand out. As the photos will be taken inside I won’t have to deal with the weather conditions therefore in rain or shine I will be able to continue with the photoshoot. This will be a bonus as I won’t have to change the schedule if the weather changes over night so there won’t be damage to the cover stars hair or to the photos I will be trying to take. When you think of pop music, cheesy and girly pops into your head, this will have to try and be represented through the setting that I will use.

I have designed four draft drawing of the front cover this has helped me think about which one looks better and whether I should have it plain without a lot of images and headlines and banners or to have a lot to make it busy and filled with packs of information.

This made making my own flat plan easier as I had an idea from what I had already seen in other magazines.


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