Part 2 : Planning the Production

Part 2 : Planning the Production

The action plan will help me continue to be on track with my work, the equipment list that I have come up with is what I need when in process of the photoshoot. To keep me on track I will produce a timetable which will keep a record of when I’m doing particular tasks, therefore will allow me time and organisation to help complete the magazine on time through the conducted and completion.

I believe people look for different parts of a magazine when they go to purchase it, from the research I carried out by a questionnaire I discovered that most people buy a magazine to read about a particular band or celebrity therefore giving them information or gossip about that person. One the front cover the cover star is presented in the middle of the page to draw the reader in.

In my questionnaire I asked the public to answer, “Which name would you prefer the music magazine to be called?” this question would then hepl me to choose a title for the music magazine I am producing. After a long thought I decided to go for the most popular title that being Unique Bliss, my other reason for choosing this was because the magazine I would be producing would be unique so it would suit with the title itself.

After looking at the brief I discovered that the use of original images were required, to show that the photos had been taken by myself and also incase I make any changes to any of the photos in photoshop. The photographs that I will be taking will be done in doors against a white background giving it a natural look and bright theme toward the bright colours I have used for the clothing.

The location that I have chosen will fit in with the style of the magazine as it will reflect the music that the magazine will be produced for, that being pop. The setting will add to the fact of the bright them and will stand out from the other magazines on sale, therefore will become a success.

Designed draft drawings of my magazines for my front cover helped the creative process, this will allow me to try out different ways of positioning the heading, headlines, cover star and images onto a piece of A4 paper therefore allowing me to view if I would want the magazine to be produced like that. Overall this has helped me with the creative process as I now am sure which one I think will become my final magazine front cover.

For the last paragraph I will discuss the planning process, this has helped me by designing the flat plan for the Kerrang! magazine which I purchased I drew the flat plan to then be able to see what each page contained and how it was set out. I also produced an action plan being a calendar which would help me keep to a schedule of when I was completing something. The calendar was made at the beginning of the task allowing me to plan out every step I wished to proceed. The photoshoot days I set were also added to the list making sure that it went according to plan.


One Response to “Part 2 : Planning the Production”

  1. Overall Amanda you have displayed an excellent level of planning and research, you have met the targets you have set for yourself and been well orgainised.

    Final overall planning mark 18 / 20

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