Part 3 : Constructing the Production – Technical Decisions and Revisions

Part 3 : Constructing the Production – Technical Decisions and Revisions

When constructing my production I used photoshop to get the style and quality of the photos I needed to make it stand out and attractive. I did a number of drafts to create more ideas that I could use for the final design. These were made to look more professional as you would see in stores today and to discover what looked good and what need improving/ I have my very first draft that I produced on photoshop so I’m able to show people how much they have changed and imprved through the quality.

The images I created around the cover star are plain as I don’t want the reader to be drawn away from the main aspect, which being the cover star. I made the photos to look colourful and girly to carry the style and purpose of the magazine throughout the covers. To follow this through I added bright colours and used styles from the brushes to add affect to make it look professional.

I manipulated my images and text to suit my aims and styles, this was done in photoshop. When I opened the image up I marked around it using a tool called Magnetic Lasso Tool this enabled me to go around the photo with ease, I then went to feather it by right clicking on the photo and clicking feather I did this too 6 or 7 to make it have a smooth look and better affect on the background colour. This was the moved into the correct place by using the black arrow at the top of the tools and put onto another page, then I added colours and text, banners and headings this adds style and a better look to the cover, which is what I was aiming for.

When I was working on my sections i looked back at my magazine I had purchased to check the characteristics and conventions were correct making sure that the plan I drew was what I was transferring into photoshop and also looked the part. The images that I used for my front cover, contents page and double page spread suit the look and comparing them I would say that they go together well and aren’t to distracting from grabbing the readers’ attention through the cover star. The text that I used helps reflect the girly style as one of the fonts is Bickham Script Pro which is a fancy style of writing which looks good this was used for the main headings or headers but for the main body of the text I had to use Arial Narrow as it is easy to read and legible. This is done throughout the whole of the covers and pages to add consistency and reflect the stand out appeal. The overall layout suits the genre as it reflects the pop style I was considering and also looks presentable to the age group I chose.

The contribution I have made in this stage is equal to my partner, who I am working with, we contributed the same amount of work and dedication to the tasks we have done. For example; we both contributed when doing the photoshoot and when deciding on layouts so we didn’t end up having the same construction.


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