Part 4 : Evaluation of Finished Product

Part 4 : Evaluation of Finished Product

Once I had finished my tasks and finished the final designs for my magazine I went to the target audience to see what they thought of it, I focused on different ages throughout my age group I thought this would then give me arrange of responses to see how well it would do on sale. From the people I asked I got a positive response as they said that I have improved through the making of the front covers as they can see from the first one I made to my final design. However, some said that some of my covers are bland, therefore should be improved, yet they do agree that what I have done does show the improvement in my work. From this feedback I have decided to keep all drafts and show them in my coursework to give an idea of what I have produced but to say why I decided to change parts of the cover where I believe it is to bland or not the correct photo to use.

The characteristics and genre conventions that I used in my piece of coursework is appropriate as the images I have used are suitable for my age range of 13 – 17 and the language I have used ranges from the types of words you would find in any music magazine like Kerrang! and NME. The style of my magazine is comparable as it is actually how I wanted it to be and sends off the right frame to the young people who don’t have a pop magazine therefore fulfilling the genre I want.

I succeed in attracting my target audience and creating a magazine which takes the place in the music market where the gap was as it covers the pop style which wasn’t there before, this differs from the other competitors of music magazines as there aren’t any pop style magazine therefore there is no one to take its place or compete with. The characteristics that give my magazine its unique style is the fact that it’s a magazine that isn’t already out there making it very different and popular already as a lot of people would like to read about pop but don’t have the change as there isn’t any pop magazine out there in the music market. The aspects of my magazine that I think I could improve would be my research, as I believe I could of used more examples of magazines and also produce more drafts for my contents and complete another double page spread for a draft.

The aspects of my magazine that I am pleased with is the front cover as I believe I have created many drafts so I was able to choose which one I thoguht would look best and use that as my final front cover. Also the content pages that I designed are really good and I believe that even though I only designed a few I think they look really good and contrast with the front cover and double page spread making them all reflect each other.

Overall I believe I made a good piece of coursework and the images I used were suitable for the age group allowing young people have the pop magazine they want.


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